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if you could read my mind, love.

in-stock and supply purge.

EXCLUSIVE SALE, LIVEJOURNAL ONLY. i'm moving from hyenacart and running a cart from another host -- this will be a while from now and in the mean time, i really need to clear some inventory to make money for more desperately needed supplies and to get my site up. this means HUGE DISCOUNTS. i'm selling every item from my in-stock store discounted [some of it at or below cost] plus various diaper and craft supplies.

i accept credit cards through google checkout, money orders and personal checks. personal checks will be held for 10 days to clear. money orders generally clear immediately. all orders will ship within 24 hours of cleared payment. shipping costs to the US and canada are included with each item listed. if paying by google checkout, click the buy now button and you'll be directed to the secure server to complete checkout. before purchase, please comment on this entry and let me know so i can mark the item(s) you purchase as being sold. if mailing payment, please comment with email address and items interested in purchasing so i can mark them as sold and email you my mailing address.

if you have any questions or need more information on anything, comment here.

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one dozen dyed and embellished infant prefolds. retail for $48, selling BELOW COST at $24 PPD for the dozen.

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four small PUL covers, print outer and 2mil PUL inners, coordinating snaps. made originally to keep but i made WAY too many. $22 PPD for all four.

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medium and large recycled wool lot. all will fit between 15-35 pounds. burgundy longies, blue and grey long shorts or capris. $20 PPD for all.

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various closures. 8+ yds of loop 1.5 inch aplix, 3+ yds of hook 1.5 inch aplix, 1 yd 3/4 inch touchtape hook, 1 yd 3/4 inch loop, same in black. $8 PPD for all.

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various diapermaking fabrics. 1/2 yard of olive green and chocolate brown alova suedecloth, around 1 yard of baby blue MM microfleece, just under 1 yard of superflannel. $12 PPD for all.

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four undyed habotai playsilks, two 21.5" square and two 30" square, plus four unused spools of ADORABLE ribbon. great for tag blankets and such. $6 PPD for all. **SOLD**

NOT PICTURED: one dozen 4x6x4 infant CPFs, blue stitching. undyed, perfect for dye or embellishment projects. prewashed and fluffy, ready for use. $15 PPD.

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