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camelot baby designs

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this is the livejournal community for camelot baby designs. i will use this community for updates, sales and specials, to take custom orders and for galleries of my work.

for those of you who don't know me, my name is aubrey and i am the owner of camelot baby designs. i am a proud mama to my seven month old son, noah. he keeps me pretty busy but in my spare time, i create custom dyed and embellished diapers, infant and toddler apparel and playsilks. i'd love to expand my store in the future.

all prefolds are true chinese prefolds and flatfold diapers are soft 100% indian cotton, thick and thirsty. the prefolds and flats are made of a weave suitable for use with snappi fasteners so if pins have been keeping you from trying them, now you can give them a try!

i use high quality fiber reactive dyes and all diapers are prewashed, fluffy and ready to use. choose from my instock store or contact me for custom orders. i can order virtually any color of dye and you can even send me your own diapers or clothing to be dyed. i love making matching diaper and t-shirt sets, too! what's sweeter on a summer day than your little one in a tie dyed prefold and matching shirt? my embellished prefolds are also a great way to have the affordability and versatility of prefolds AND have the cute prints and colors that other diapers offer! it's the best of both worlds.

i guarantee quick turn around and free shipping on all orders of $50 USD or more. use the coupon code LJDISCOUNT for 10% off your entire order.

camelot baby designs' instock store can be found at: http://www.hyenacart.com/camelotbabydesigns.